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Uplifting community economy

Mrs.Camara, Chairman & CEO of Tigui Mining Group assessing a cocoa project in Guingouine to enable local stakeholdership with the community.


Developing the local economies

Tigui Mining Group is building long-lasting relationships with the communities living in its areas of operation based on trust, transparency and creation of sustainable economic opportunities for all. TMG addresses the specific local priorities and implements programs to empower the community and help them achieve economic independence and establish a sustainable mining enterprise by creating agricultural cooperatives and  developing  local skills.

As a junior mining company operating both in Guinea and Cote d'Ivoire, we face many challenges from fragile investment environment, health security to finding proper local  skills and to managing cost-effective operations. TMG remains yet focused on sustainability which is the core of our business.



Empowering the local community

To achieve this, TMG identify cost-effective and practical sustainable projects by involving the community to understand what they actually need.For that reason we started a Community Investment (CI) program through which TMG funds viable economic activities in partnership with villagers to develop local stakeholder.

Since we can't provide jobs for everyone, we developed small enterprises to create sustainable sources of income for the villagers.

In early May 2017 TMG CI  Has undertaken a small poultry and a rubber tree enterprise on 2 and half hectares of plot  with Mr. Alexander in the village of Guingouine.



Guingouine village

To develop our plan, we are in negotiation for 7 hectares of plot with the village of Guingouine to execute our economic development project. Deeds created will enable everyone  to get new propriety along with land rights.Rather than bringing outside contractors (skills), the community will be involved in all aspects of the design and construction of the new economic center of the village.

This community economic development consists in making available to the villagers a market place for local products .TMG wants to see the change take place. This village has no sources of income and rely  on illegal gold mining activities.Our project will focus on training people in brick making, carpentry  and construction and work on our agricultural project with the women cooperative of Guingouine. a carpentry( woodworking ) and a brick making cooperatives will be run by local youth leaders as well as sewing cooperatives.


The company wins too by investing in communities.The cooperatives will provide supplies such as food and clothing for mining workers while using local labor and materials to lower construction costs for school, nursery, faith edifices, commercial center that are part of the plan.

Building skills allows us to identify potential employees preventing us from outsourcing skills.

It is important for us not to undertake all these activities at once but insteed go one step at the time to achieve our transformational economic goal for the community and the company. Meaning breaking projects up into concrete small steps we can deliver. Doing what you promised  is very important in building community trust. 

This approach is not always easy and can be time constraining but the flip of the coin is that we are cutting costs by not using external contractors.

Establishing trust give the community a stake in the project and help the locals develop new sources of income. They start to take on new responsibilities and ownership.This places TMG in a win win situation which help us minimize our risk and establish a more focused sustainable business .

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