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Tiguidanke Camara, Chairman & CEO of TMG



Bridging the gap between young, educated Africans and the job market is a key challenge that requires collaboration between government, education providers and the private sectors. 

The jobs deficit, particularly for the continent's ambitious young people, requires greater focus on matching skills to jobs.

There is an  imperative need to educate Africa's experts.There is much to be done to improve education for all, but governments must also focus on higher education and advanced training so we can have deeper pools of experts.


As an entrepreneur and a mother, our Chairman, Ms. Tiguidanke Camara, puts a great value on education and training. She has taken actions toward partships to provide the following:


  • Professionalize training and internship programs to improve the integration of school-leavers into the workforce.

  • Donations of school materials : Books and supplies.

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