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« I want to create a conglomerate around natural resources and companies of innovative technologies. »


The next generation of mining​​

Tigui Mining Group (TMG) - a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) - is a conglomerate of natural resources -specifically mining- and innovative technology companies which was incorporated in 2012. TMG specializes in Africa, with a particular emphasis on West Africa. The group plays a strategic role in acquiring and developing enterprises that have economic value and potential for future growth and develops ambitious projects through strategic partnerships and alliances.


Tigui Mining Group is the parent company of Camara Diamond & Gold Trading Network (CDGTN), an exploration and exploitation junior mining company focused on gold and diamond projects in Guinea, and of TMG-CI, its subsidiary in Côte d’Ivoire.


The group has been strategically active in mining and agriculture in West Africa. It also focuses on other sectors such as oil & energy, real estate & infrastructure, aviation, commerce, import & export, fishery. In 2017, TMG plans to develop next TMG Real Estate & Infrastructure.

Tigui Mining Group is one of the few women-owned mineral exploration companies and the only one in West Africa. TMG has highly experienced and competent professionals with vast knowledge in relative fields and a strong local presence with great understanding of government laws and of its communities.


Management Policy


Tigui Mining Group believes in strict professional ethics and enforces high standards of corporate governance. TMG’s management supports the growth of employees and strongly believes that business growth correlates with employee satisfaction, corporate responsibility and transparency.

TMG focuses on sustainability and gender empowerment through the development of economic opportunities for the communities in and near the areas of exploitations.

To know more about TMG CSR programs



  • Mining  

  • Agriculture

  • Real Estate & Infrastructure

  • Aviation

  • Technology

  • banking

  • Oil, Energy & Gas

  • Commodities

  • Fishing

  • Fashion & cosmetic

  • Commerce, Import & Export


June, 14th 2018: 

After years of trial, Tigui Mining Group has found a partner that shares its values and visions.

TMG just signed a Joint Venture for both its subsidiaries CDGTN in Guinea and TMG CI in Côte d’Ivoire.

This joint Venture concerns our Siguiri gold licenses in Guinea and our Dabou agriculture program in Côte d’Ivoire.


As partners we will go 50/50 on the proceeds for these two specific projects.


We have contracted a company to debut exploration activities as soon as early September 2018.

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