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« The rate of women entrepreneurship is higher in Africa than in any other regions of the world.

You can pave the way in any field of your choice. You may meet resistance, you may face discrimination, but persevere »

   Tiguidanke Camara

Chairman & CEO,

Tigui Mining Group 



Women's participation is vital to strong economies, specially, African economies, societies and cultures. This value-added can no longer be ignored.Women can and must be part of the development solution.

Small interventions to support women can have significant impact. For example, investments in agriculture have significant potential for economic growth because the agriculture sector is the largest employer and the lifeblood of numerous communities; Cote d'Ivoire is one of these success stories.However, these investments must be sustainable.

TMG focuses on sustainable and gender empowerment through the promotion of economic opportunities for women in our centers of exploration.We developed an agriculture program within all our mining projects to empower women and build community resilience.

Through our Agromine program, we provide sustainable agriculture opportunities for women.They learn about producing and marketing diverse products that generate income for them and their families.

We will help them develop a venue for a green market.We strategically partner with  agriculture companies to provide training courses on food hygiene, food security and income generation.


The group aims at helping Guingouiné women to achieve financial autonomy and increase income revenue.We partnered in March 2017 with the women cooperative ''Masago'' of Guingouiné to create local entrepreneurship.

TMG-CI provides financial support and training to the cooperative Mesagô, gathering 32 women and led by a mother of seven and a widow, Ms Makonie. Their main source of revenue is culture of  cassava, rice, corn and okra. They sell their products on-site. Most of the time, outside buyers come to the fields to buy. Some of the harvested products are transported by 3 to 4 women in the nearest city Douélé in Man department. These women lack means of transportations and resources to optimize their sales.

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